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Patton is Back!

Comedians are beautiful. They are generally free to speak the truth and elucidate the wild complexities of humanity, it’s follies, and it’s triumphs.

It is vital that we reflect on our assumptions and acknowledge the reality of our milieu. We all come from wildly disparate backgrounds and circumstances yet we are objectively so alike. Laughter is one of the most powerful bridges between us, uniting us in the basic absurdity of the challenges of everyday life.

Patton Oswalt has evolved into one of the masters of the art of comedy, a man with a vivid style and a wicked wit. His new album “My Weakness Is Strong” was released yesterday and is an instant classic. The Sky Cake is a spot-on verbalization of a big chunk of my world view, sublimely delivered:

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You can haz it all at iTunes and Amazon today! Enjoy existence while you can.


Kauai… Fully Refreshing


Emily… and James

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  1. I will immediately think now not talking monkeys, but “oh sky cake.”

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