Clemmi Gets Cuter

Clemmi plays with her ball for everyone’s amusement. Lhasa apso powers activate!

Music by The Submarines!

5 Responses

  1. Laura Says:

    Clemmi is SO cute!

  2. Deavon Says:

    Awwwwe. The look on her face when you reach out and steal the ball from behind the camera was hillarious…. “What? What just happened? I’m so confused.”

    The song is great too!


  3. Thip Says:

    Oh, too cute! Clemmi put a smile on my face, thanks :o)

  4. Sam Says:

    How ADORABLY COOL! :-) Clemmi LUVS that little ball! Great video! Great music! And I love the transition out with the music and the doggie-cam close-up! Clemmi for Prez!

  5. Tracey Says:

    I love the end especially where Clemmi is NOT giving up the ball. THAT’S enough running for 2day! :)))

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