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Month: January 2008


O bla di, O bla da

It’s now been ten days since we suddenly lost of our little Winston. I miss him a ton and wish everyday I could hear his crazy “keep-it-up-and-you’re-gonna-get-bit” warning snarl. I initially figured it would be a few months before we started looking for his successor but his departure left too big a hole in our home. We have built a life we really love here on Capitol Hill with our furry family; Winston was taken from us quite some time before we expected and it just doesn’t feel right.

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Bye Buddy!

Bye Winston

Our little 15 pound spark plug ran out of juice on Friday 1/4/08. It’s really hard to imagine life around the house and in general without our guy. He had a thousand faces, nicknames and moods. He might have bit you or snuggled up and pawed for attention, he kept you guessing and laughing.

Now there’s a huge gaping whole in our hearts where he used run up the stairs or chase his ducky across the floor. Where he used to hop on the couch and spin a few times looking for just the right way to lean against your leg. Where he used to lay on his chair and watch us during a movie and M would say, “Look at that face!”

He was adored much more than he would have preferred, considering his strong independent streak. We are very glad that we were able to give him a much better last five years when we adopted him. I know time will make all these wonderful memories hurt less and less, but right now it feels like a 15 pound cannon ball blasted through my chest. Miss you buddy!

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