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Some Freelance Goodies

Two pieces have found the light of day in the last week or so. I gave some polish and hooked up a fun little map app to help their members figure out their regions.

Also collaborated with a neighbor to get her company’s site up to speed. This one has a carousel that actually tied in really well with their 360 Degree Approach branding.

Gonna put mom’s site together in the next few weeks too. Rich’s site is pretty sweet, I hope he gets around to using the wordpress capabilities at some point.

Enjoy all the pretty!

New Work sees the light

It’s been a rough couple of months but I can now share a whole bunch of work. Today we launched The Exploring the Early Americas site to coincide with the physical installation in the Jefferson building on the 12th. We worked with industry leaders Second Story and Schematic to produce some pretty amazing interactive kiosks to complement the already amazing artifacts on permanent display in the northwest wing. If you live around or plan to visit the DC area, do stop in and check it out. I built two ‘Page by Page’ kiosks for the installation that expand upon the online version and have had much fun watching people interact with them.

Gonna go sleep for a million years now.

fredline and on Comedy Central!

The Comedy Central Roast of Jeff Foxworthy featured one of my comedy heroes, Denis Leary. Leary pre-taped some of the usual hijinx, including a poke at former Saturday Night Live fake-news anchor, Colin Quinn. The photo he uses to harrass Quinn was created for the contest “Fountain of Age 3” back in September of 2003. Its a fair trade-off considering the source image came from, but basically it’s a blast to see hobby work on TV in the hands of a favorite comedian. Sweet!

Big thanks to Avi Muchnick and the admin crew at for the heaps of fun to be had there.

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