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Please Enjoy In Your Own Particular… Idiom

i haz it

Thud says, “This year may you take holiday greetings in the spirit they are offered.

The War on Xmas rabble-rousing really needs to go away, us versus them is the exact opposite of the spirit of the season.

Go hug some loved ones, it’s a limited time offer in the grand scheme of things.

Some Freelance Goodies

Two pieces have found the light of day in the last week or so. I gave some polish and hooked up a fun little map app to help their members figure out their regions.

Also collaborated with a neighbor to get her company’s site up to speed. This one has a carousel that actually tied in really well with their 360 Degree Approach branding.

Gonna put mom’s site together in the next few weeks too. Rich’s site is pretty sweet, I hope he gets around to using the wordpress capabilities at some point.

Enjoy all the pretty!

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