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Touchscreens and Evolution

The introduction of consumer products with full-size touchscreen keyboards offers a unique opportunity to allow for the deprecation of the QWERTY layout in an incremental manner.

Software can relatively easily allow for any keyboard layout one can imagine. Now users may elect to employ layouts that are not specifically designed to restrict input rates.

As a user gets comfortable with the mechanics of touchscreen interfaces it’s not hard to imagine exponential growth in efficiency of data input with more sensible layouts. Individual users could even customize layouts to suit their particular sensibilities and preferences.

A generation of users who start off on touchscreen keyboards will not suffer the dissonance we experience without the tactile feedback of physical keys. Some current users will adapt via pure will and practice, evolving significantly in a single lifetime.
And soon, no more QWERTY required. Yay!


Emily… and James

Further illustration of the stratospheric potency of their lyrics, melodies, instrumentation and execution. Metric is an artistic wonder, cruising at a different altitude.

This is from back in 2000 or so when it was just Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw making demos that were so much more tasty than the too-polished contrivances of industry “leaders.”

I should be living
Giving my mind a chance to rewind
And playback beautiful music
I should be living
Giving my mind a chance to rewind
And playback dangerous rhythms

We almost forgot
Every building is a shop
Every person is a shopper
Finally it almost seemed we
Almost forgot
Every building is a shop
Every person is a shopper, Finally


Patton is Back!

Comedians are beautiful. They are generally free to speak the truth and elucidate the wild complexities of humanity, it’s follies, and it’s triumphs.

It is vital that we reflect on our assumptions and acknowledge the reality of our milieu. We all come from wildly disparate backgrounds and circumstances yet we are objectively so alike. Laughter is one of the most powerful bridges between us, uniting us in the basic absurdity of the challenges of everyday life.

Patton Oswalt has evolved into one of the masters of the art of comedy, a man with a vivid style and a wicked wit. His new album “My Weakness Is Strong” was released yesterday and is an instant classic. The Sky Cake is a spot-on verbalization of a big chunk of my world view, sublimely delivered:

Go get Adobe Flash Player!

You can haz it all at iTunes and Amazon today! Enjoy existence while you can.


Kauai… Fully Refreshing

Kalalau Valley
Flickr’ed by fredline

The trip was magical. I really feel we did the perfect thing dropping pops off the cliffs of the Kalalau Valley. It felt like standing in an artwork so beautiful it kinda hurt a bit.

Soon after his ashes spread over the ferns and assorted fauna, a mist/fog filled the valley -lingered- and then burned away in the sun. Then the clouds rushed over the north ridges and filled the valley completely as we retreated.

It’s good to know we can always return there and say hi.


Bye Pepper!

Pepper Dog!
Pepper Dog!

Too many goodbyes as we head towards another decade. Pepper departed peacefully at the vets office where we were fortunate to comfort her as she disembarked. Seems humans can learn a lot from dogs and from Pepper in particular.

She endured a lot in her youth, yet she maintained enthusiasm for each day and practiced a barely-in-control brand of excitement that regularly threatened the existence of various collectibles and drinking glasses.

Memory is the best and worst of our lot. She’ll be missed by many.


Fredric & Clementine

M has been behind the camera all day, even caught the elusive “Clemmi in repose with legs flayed about in a questionably relaxed manner.” Laying on a cool stone kitchen floor with your doggie on a warm spring evening, that’s good stuff!


Please Enjoy In Your Own Particular… Idiom

i haz it

Thud says, “This year may you take holiday greetings in the spirit they are offered.

The War on Xmas rabble-rousing really needs to go away, us versus them is the exact opposite of the spirit of the season.

Go hug some loved ones, it’s a limited time offer in the grand scheme of things.


Clemmi Gets Cuter

Clemmi plays with her ball for everyone’s amusement. Lhasa apso powers activate!

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O bla di, O bla da

It’s now been ten days since we suddenly lost of our little Winston. I miss him a ton and wish everyday I could hear his crazy “keep-it-up-and-you’re-gonna-get-bit” warning snarl. I initially figured it would be a few months before we started looking for his successor but his departure left too big a hole in our home. We have built a life we really love here on Capitol Hill with our furry family; Winston was taken from us quite some time before we expected and it just doesn’t feel right.

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Bye Buddy!

Bye Winston

Our little 15 pound spark plug ran out of juice on Friday 1/4/08. It’s really hard to imagine life around the house and in general without our guy. He had a thousand faces, nicknames and moods. He might have bit you or snuggled up and pawed for attention, he kept you guessing and laughing.

Now there’s a huge gaping whole in our hearts where he used run up the stairs or chase his ducky across the floor. Where he used to hop on the couch and spin a few times looking for just the right way to lean against your leg. Where he used to lay on his chair and watch us during a movie and M would say, “Look at that face!”

He was adored much more than he would have preferred, considering his strong independent streak. We are very glad that we were able to give him a much better last five years when we adopted him. I know time will make all these wonderful memories hurt less and less, but right now it feels like a 15 pound cannon ball blasted through my chest. Miss you buddy!

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